When J.K. Rowling founded a charity to end the institutionalisation of children, she named it after the light-giving spell in her award-winning Harry Potter books. Her ambition was that Lumos would shine a light on the lives of the millions of children in orphanages and institutions round the world and offer evidence-based solutions to institutionalisation.

Over the next five years, Lumos intends to influence policy, practice and funding protocols around the world. Strengthening our evidence base will
be key to our success as we provide insight into the causes of institutionalisation and its impact on children, as well as the potential benefits of reform. This will help us engage decision-makers and donors around the world, including the UN, the World Bank, the IMF, regional development banks and other relevant organisations.

We are now building our research capability, implementing new data systems and growing our outcomes research and economic evaluation capability. These roles will be central to the success of Lumos’ mission – to ensure that all children are living in safe and loving families by 2050.



Lumos has helped relocate 18,500 children from institutions to loving families, family-like settings or independent living.
Lumos has prevented over 24,000 children from entering harmful institutions.
Lumos Foundation USA Inc. (Lumos USA), a 501(c)(3) non profit organization Registered Office:
557 Broadway, New York, 10012, USA EIN: 47-2301085

Lumos Foundation (Lumos) is a company limited by guarantee registered
in England and Wales number: 5611912 | Registered charity number: 1112575