The next chapter

By 2025: We will have established national plans for reform in countries with large numbers of children in orphanages. Advocacy work will take place in every global region, dealing with the cultural pressures that cause children to be institutionalised. Globally, major funders will divert funds away from institutions and into community-based services. We will have research-based evidence about what works best in different regions. 

By 2035: We will have helped four million children to leave institutions or prevented them from entering them in the first place. We will have trained more than 100,000 professionals and policy-makers to deliver community-based services. There will be clear, research-based evidence on better outcomes for children, tailored to different parts of the world.

 By 2050: There will be no more children living in institutions anywhere in the world. All countries will have community-based services to support all children living with their families. At least $15 billion of major donor funding will have been leveraged to fund global deinstitutionalisation, including from the World Bank, the European Union and the US government.



Lumos has provided advice and support to 49 countries on how to transform their care systems.
Lumos has influenced the redirection of €642 million towards strengthening communities and keeping families together, through advocacy and partnership with other organisations.
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