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Join our Research Department and you’ll be part of highly professional, committed and supportive team. We come from a range of professional and personal backgrounds and this diversity of experience and insight brings different perspectives to what we do.

You can find out more about three of your potential colleagues below.




I studied for a PhD in Canada and I have worked in several different countries, specialising in psychology, child development and attachment and aiming to prevent institutionalisation.

My role as a Research Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) at Lumos gives me the opportunity to help find solutions and to be an active part of positive change for children and families in the region. I love how varied the project work is.

I’m working on mapping institutionalisation across the LAC region, considering different country profiles and the unique deinstitutionalisation (DI) experience of a Colombian institution set for HIV+ children. I’ve been involved in training workshops and contributed to conferences on subject matter such as attachment and institutionalisation. I also work closely with universities and academia which helps me to continually update my subject knowledge and be part of international research networks.

For me, what really makes Lumos special (beyond its mission) is the multicultural ambience and the autonomy. I really enjoy working with people from around the globe. As for autonomy, I have lots of support from my manager, but I also have real responsibility for my work. That’s important, because I know it can make a difference. 



My previous role was as Research Associate and Project Coordinator at a research and advocacy centre focused on the Death Penalty. Since joining Lumos in 2010, I have mainly been involved in research and evaluations. Now I specifically lead on our work to capture how deinstitutionalisation can be successfully achieved across diverse systems, contexts and populations, harnessing learning to inspire others to improve child protection policy and practice around the world.  

What inspires me most here is how ambitious the vision is. Our goal is to change lives and because my background is Criminal/Juvenile Justice, I know what a difference childhood experiences make to later life.

I have lots of flexibility to work from home; this is really important for the work we do in research. We’re all given the space to make sure that we can deliver compelling cases for change. The projects we engage in are thought-provoking and the evidence we produce is complex and detailed.

We are also growing fast, so it is the perfect combination of stimulating work and career development opportunities for the future.



I joined Lumos in June 2016 as a Research Officer because I identified with the mission of the organisation. Previously, I have worked in mental health and completed an MA in Conflict, Security and Development. I have seen at first hand the damage that institutions can do to individuals, so I like how focused the organisation is on making a difference in that specific area.

Since I joined I’ve learnt a lot, enjoyed many opportunities to develop, and worked with colleagues around the world on a variety of different projects. In particular, I enjoyed leading a research project to gather the data needed to create an evidence-based action plan for deinstitutionalisation in a whole country context. We presented the research findings to key stakeholders and decision-makers in the government and other relevant organisations, and worked together with them to develop the action plan, which took into account their priorities and the local context.

From my perspective, it is incredibly rewarding to see how our research can make a real difference when it is presented to the right people as part of a compelling strategy. 

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