The story so far

Around the world millions of children live in so-called 'orphanages' or other institutions, yet more than 80 years of research shows that no matter how well an orphanage is run, children struggle to thrive there.

80% of the children living in orphanages are not orphans; but circumstances such as extreme poverty, discrimination, war or natural disaster prevent them from living at home. We believe that, with the right support, most families could care for their children and that children without families could be cared for by foster or adoptive families, or in community-based small group homes, where they can receive the attention they need to live happy and fulfilling lives.

At Lumos, we are dedicated to helping families bring their children home. We do this by encouraging international donors, governments and communities to redirect funds from orphanages to health, education and social services, so that children can be raised in loving families. We ensure that the professionals looking after the world’s most vulnerable children are provided with the training and resources they need to deliver high-quality care and support.



Lumos has provided 4,298 life-saving medical and social interventions to children and families at risk of illness, malnutrition or abuse.
Lumos has  trained more than 35,000 practitioners and policymakers in the skills needed to move from an institutional model of care to supporting families.
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